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Licensed by Hyundai Corporation, Korea, in the development of Global HYUNDAI products, HYUNDAI UPS become one of the leading brands in UPS field and can compete with other famous UPS brands in over the world. Vietnamese Distributors are authorized to import Hyundai UPS from the assigned factories in China and had a right to distribute Hyundai UPS in Vietnam several years ago. The end users shall be receive genuine warranty services from our distributors in Vietnam
with a large staff of highly qualified and experienced in the fields of Electrical, automatic control, telecommunications and information technology Vietnamese ups distributors have participated in many UPS Supplying projects for IT systems nationwide: from management to engineering including design, installation, maintenance and maintenance of total network systems. stations, software development, system design and supply of maintenance and installation of informatics works.
We are on the way to become a leading corporation in the market. And always focused on equipment investment, technological innovation, human resource development  and service quality enhencement. This help us increasing the trust of customers throughout the country.
An important factor that leads to our business success is the initiative in cooperation with local and foreign partners. Since opened relationships have helped us to seize the new technologies to meet all customers demands.
Always putting quality on the top, including product quality, construction techniques, installation and the quality of after-sales service. We aims to improve business quality with the desire to build long-term trust and cooperation toward customers.