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Hyundai is one of the most representative corporate brands in Korea and a global product brand recognized by people all over the world. Hyundai Corporation Holdings is creating new brand values by expanding the global brand power of Hyundai from automobiles / machinery / shipbuilding / heavy chemicals into household appliances and small generators as well as future-oriented fields with high added values. Hyundai Corp - a group specialize in manufacturing and general leading trading in Korea. We provide a wide range of products and services in over the world such as marine vessels, power plants, steel, generator, automobile, electric and electronic equipments… By planning and identifying products of high competitiveness to expand the brand value of Hyundai, we are producing diverse range of products such as power banks, home batteries and lightings by collaborating with global partners with competitive production abilities and unique designs all throughout production and sales. Hyundai Corporation Holdings will continue to increase the fame of global Hyundai trusted by the world through constant product development and specialized marketing activities. ※ Major Products: Household appliances, small generators, UPS, equipment, lightings, batteries With the guideline of providing optimal solutions of continuous power supply for customer’s different requirements. Hyundai UPS aims to place itself as a globally popular and friendly UPS brand with no end in improving the product design and quality and multiplying distributors in the area, and several countries.